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When you visit the standing structures that represent a fire company, many feature not only a truck garage, but also an area dedicated to its members.  This is typically some sort of an entertainment area.  However, at the Jamison Road Fire Hall, you will find a fitness room.

In January 2017, member Brian Nolan, Sr. proposed a remodeling of the fitness room with the intent of member recruitment and retention.

“Years ago, if we were giving new members a tour, they would see the bar room and want to sign right up.  Times have changed.  Today, you show them the fitness room and that’s will attract new members,” he noted.

Nolan researched that the fitness room has an exponential amount of entries as compared to the day room in the fire hall.  Therefore, it was proposed to extend the fitness room and take away from the seldom used day room.  Now, it has the capacity to hold a greater amount of firefighters.





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