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The Auxiliary

The Jamison Road Ladies Auxiliary was founded shortly after the fire company was established in May 1941, but not long after that the Auxiliary dissolved. The Auxiliary was re-established in August 1970.

The officers were Wanda McCubbin – President; Mary Lou Nolan-Vice President; Dolores Walczyk-Secretary; Karin Brady-Treasure; Norma McCubbin-Chaplain and Geri Wheaton & Mildred Bove as Trustees; with Karin Brady, Dorothy Bohall, Marion Fleming, Ann Hellman, Margaret Kalinonowski, Maine LaPatra, Dorothy McCabe, Shirley McCubbin,
Wanda Bove, Karen Schrenk, Mary Schrenk Sr., Mary Schrenk Jr., Ethel Zaretski, Lucy Celano, Eleanor Hiam, Freddie Hill, Pat Hellman and Mary Allen completing the roster.

The Ladies Auxiliary established a motto ”Assistance, Cooperation
and Friendship”. The organization’s tasks included assisting firefighters at fires that require long hours at a fire scene, helping feed and provide temporary quarters for anyone displaced by an environmental emergency like the blizzard of ‘77, the “surprise storm” of October 2006 and most
recent the “Snowvember” snow storm of 2014. The Auxiliary also gave many hours of the past 46 years to Fund Raisers like Chicken BBQ’s, New Years Eve dances, Bingo nights & gun raffles, to mention a few – for the fire company.
In the mid 1980’s a major change was made, the word “ladies” was dropped and today the offical name is the Jamison Road Vol. Fire Co. Auxiliary. It was realized that male & female applicants would be equally welcome and always needed.

The volunteer tasks of the Auxiliary never ends and the help of the Auxiliary can not stop. The membership of the Jamison Road Fire Company will always be thankful for all the tasks they have provided over the past 46 years.


Sonia Azzi


Mickey Bierl


Alice Bunk


Dorothy Bohall


Catherine Ellis


Helen Kostrzebski


Amanda Nolan


Sarah Nolan


Malene Ruszala


Mettie Wagner


Pat Wainwright


Lori Wheeler


Sharon Winkler


Betty Wood

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